What to Expect

At Milan Laser Hair Removal

At Milan, you’re never just a number or another face—your Milan team will know your name and get to know you during the process. They’ll understand your goals and why laser hair removal is important to you.

Here’s what you can expect throughout your hair-free journey with us.

What to expect at Milan Laser Hair Removal
I loved that they had the presentation in front of me and that there was absolutely no pressure to buy.
- Laura Funk
Laura Funk Review

Your Free


We know this is a big deal, so your consultation is on us! We’ll discuss the area(s) you want to have treated, answer your questions, and help you gain a better understanding of the procedure. Our team of laser hair removal experts will also assess your skin tone and hair type to establish which laser would be used.

We’ll also go over pricing options and payment plans with you.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Process - Your Free Consult
The staff at Milan are experts in laser treatment. They’re educated on the whole process, and you can ask them questions or share your concerns, no matter how silly ...
- Sifa Ahmad Hasan
Sifa Ahmad Hasan Review


Before your first treatment, it’s important to avoid sun exposure. Your skin needs to be its natural skin tone in order to be safely treated, so no tanning or sunless tanner throughout your treatment.

We’ll need you to shave the day of or the day before your first treatment, but waxing and plucking should be avoided. Come in for treatments with clean skin— no makeup, lotion, or perfume.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Process - Pre-Treatment
At Milan, it's for life.. Yes, for life. You purchase a "body part" and even if the hair returns 10 years down the road, you are still covered.
- Therese Merkel
Therese Merkel Review

Your First


We’re so excited for you! Here’s how your first treatment will go:

  • A temporary grid will be drawn on the treatment area to ensure accuracy & coverage.
  • Safety goggles will be provided.
  • Your provider will adjust the laser to the exact specifications.
  • Our laser uses a cooling technology to provide the most comfortable treatments possible.
  • Post-treatment instructions are provided.
Milan Laser Hair Removal Process - Your First Treatment
I felt so good and refreshed after my first treatment— it wasn’t just knowing I’ll never have to shave again, but because I finally did something for myself ...
- Jessica Burgess
Jessica Burgess Review

Treatments 3-6

Welcome back! You’ll notice you don’t have to shave as often and hair is noticeably more sparse. After your first treatment, the laser power will begin to increase with each visit to provide you with the best results possible.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Process - Treatment Checklist
After only two treatments with Milan, I noticed my hair is already way thinner than before!
- Laura Novotny
Laura Novotny Review




Do a happy dance because you are 95%+ hair-free! Hooray! You won’t need to come in for regular treatments anymore.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Process - Your Graduation Treatment
I've wanted to get laser hair removal for years but wasn't sure who I could trust. I couldn't be happier that I decided to embark on my hair-free journey with Milan Laser.
- Connor H.
Connor H. Review



New hair growth is possible due to hormones, age, and genetics, but with us, your results are guaranteed for life! So, simply make an appointment, come on in, and we’ll take care of that new hair at no additional cost.

Milan Laser Hair Removal Process - Touch Up Treatment

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